Here’s how:

Sponsor a student for an Acting or Dance Class—

Remember, there are children out there who would love to take a class to further their passion for the arts…but may be unable to do so.  With your help, they’ll be able to pursue their dreams!

Support our Broadway Series—

Every dollar given toward our non-profit Broadway Series which produces award-winning musicals and classic plays each season assists in inspiring each audience, assisting to educate the youth, and reminding everyone of the value of the arts.

Get a star!—

We have a Wall of Stars in our grand lobby, so as audiences enter they may see the names of those who have supported the arts.

 Also, it’s never too early to make your Gala pledge…

This year’s Saturday Night Fight for the Arts needs your support!

 As both a non-profit 501(c)3  AND Broadway World ‘s “Best Theatre Company of Philadelphia” for the past three years, we appreciate the assistance of people like you who are a part of our theatre family.