PURCHASE A SUMMER AD AND PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS — Showcased on our Lobby screen–Just $250!


Call Owen Mannion at 610-891-0100 today to promote your business.

The Media Theatre is improving efforts to be collaborative and supportive of the many great local businesses in the borough of Media. As a professional music theatre, we consistently draw patrons from the region –and even from states nearby!

In this digital age, The Media Theatre is thinking creatively about new technologies we can implement to make our business more beneficial to us, to our patrons, and to our neighborhood businesses.

This year our historic theatre is 90 years old.  This means for 9 decades the theatre has been a source of entertainment in the borough of Media. Since 1994, when the theatre was beautifully renovated and transformed into a live music theatre, we have seen our audience increase annually, and have become a destination in the borough and surrounding region.  Patrons who see a show are likely to dine at any of the great restaurants located in Media or shop at any of the fine stores. Because we encourage patrons to support the town of Media, we have come up with a great way to advertise your local business.

In the lobby of the theatre there is a large screen monitor that advertises our upcoming productions.

With that The Media Theatre is excited to announce our summer ad campaign! This campaign will allow all businesses in Media to represent themselves at the theatre.

  • What’s in the proposal?

The plan will involve us putting a full screen ad of your business on the lobby monitor. The ad will be on a loop with other ads, which audiences will see prior to the shows they attend, as well as at intermission, and any time they relax in our lobby near the concession stand/ bar area. We recommend sending us a full screen 1920×1080 sized image that has your business logo, phone number, address, and (or) any special deals you might have during the time of year you send us your ad.

  • Cost?

The price is just $250 for the entire summer. Our summer programming will run primarily on weekends. This includes shows running afternoon and night.

  • How to sign up?

Call at (610)-891-0100 and ask for Owen Mannion.