VOCALIST JUNIOR VOTING…Vote For Your Favorite Sunday Night Contestant 2017

Here is where you get to VOTE for your favorite Sunday night “Vocalist Junior” contestants!

For the first 4 weeks, online voting is accumulated and, when Week 4 takes place, the 15 contestants with most votes online receive extra points added to their total judges’ scores, which may assist them in moving forward. (The top online vote-getter gets 30 extra points, the second gets 25 extra, the third gets 20 extra. Fourth thru tenth place online get 15 extra points; Eleventh thru fifteenth place get 10.) After Week Four, all votes are ERASED to begin anew. 

 $2.00 per vote (minimum online votes required is 3 which equals $6/ there is no maximum).  *Starting with Week 5, the online voting is tabulated weekly. The Top 3 online vote-getters will receive points which may assist them in moving forward to The Finals.                  During Finals, online voting takes place until Intermission, which may assist contestants as we enter the  Final Act with The Top Five.*


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