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Camp Media Theatre 2017 is an extraordinary and exciting opportunity for young actors to sing favorite songs from Broadway shows, create their own scenes, rehearse, and perform an improvisational theatre production that is performed on the Media Theatre stage for family and friends the final Friday evening of each camp session.

The unique and exciting experience at Camp Media Theatre 2017 begins June 12 with a special one-week day camp, and then continues with five two-week sessions. All day camps meet from 9:30am-3:30pm Monday through Friday. They are for ages 5 and up to 14, with two age groups per day. 

There will be ‘themes’ with each two-week session based on the songs being used within the camp. The focus is on learning and maintaining basic stage skills in singing, acting, and dance. The pleasant and focused staff is: Ben Kapilow, Music Director; Andrew DePaul, Acting Instructor and Assistant Manager; Lydia Krull, Choreographer; Tim Haney, Show Director; Kyleigh Bleacher, Counselor/ Educator; and Roger Ricker, Camp Manager. The theatre’s Artistic Director Jesse Cline created Camp Media Theatre in 2000 and continues to have a hand in its development.


Each day camp provides a unique opportunity for the campers in that they create their own ‘scene work’ in the acting class with the assistance of an instructor and director. Broadway songs and show music are added with choreography to create a Camp Show each two weeks which utilizes the personality of each camper. The day camps are not based on a specific show, except for main theme of the songs used in each day camp.

The 2017 Camp Media Theatre themes are:

 JUNE 12 – JUNE 16… MUNCHKINS CAMP (Special 1-week camp for kids 5 and up) Features songs from “Wizard of Oz” and “Minions” movies! Only $300 for the entire week. (Save $25 if you register before March 1)

 All other camps are two weeks. For each of them, save $50 if you register prior to March 1! They are:

 JUNE 19 – JUNE 31…SING! CAMP, with songs from the popular animated movie “Sing!”  

 JULY 3 – JULY 14…DISNEY CAMP, with songs from classic Disney shows and movies.

 JULY 17 – JULY 28…MATILDA CAMP, including songs from “Matilda”, “Annie” and more.

JULY 31 – AUGUST 11…OZ CAMP, featuring favorite songs from “The Wizard of Oz”, “The Wiz”, and “Wicked”

 AUGUST 14 – AUGUST 25…HAMILTON CAMP, with songs from the popular Broadway musical and “Hair”.

All camps and classes at The Media Theatre are structured with the Sanford Meisner Technique which is based on the criteria that “Acting is living as truthfully as one can under an imaginary circumstance”. This allows any age of actor to be who they are, with no pretending or pretense. Actors are instructed to follow their own instinct and to not imitate or ‘copy’ anyone else’s performance, while following direction and enjoying being a part of the production or scene. 

Call 610-891-0100 for information and reservation. All payments are non-refundable. 


Jesse Cline
Artistic Director


Register for Summer Camps before March 1st and save $50 on each camp!

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