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The 2019 Camp Media Theatre was a huge success, with almost 300 campers taking part in our five two-week sessions during the day and our Teen Camp Performance Camp. VISIT THIS PAGE IN JANUARY WHEN WE WILL BEGIN TAKING REGISTRATIONS FOR 2020 SUMMER CAMP.

$550 for each two-week daytime session

 Teen Camp is $900

Each two-week day camp meets Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 3:30pm, and is perfect for ages 5 and up. Two separate age groups daily. Doors open at 8:30am each day. With professional instructors, educators, directors, and management. Campers write and perform their own scenes with the guidance of the directors, sing Broadway songs, and perform for family and friends the final Friday of each camp session at 5:30pm. 

The focus is on learning and maintaining basic stage skills in singing, acting, and dance. The pleasant and focused staff is: Ben Kapilow, Music Director;  Roger Ricker, Camp Manager, plus educators and counselors. The theatre’s Artistic Director Jesse Cline created Camp Media Theatre in 2000 and continues to have a hand in its development.

 All camps and classes at The Media Theatre are structured with the Sanford Meisner Technique which is based on the criteria that “Acting is living as truthfully as one can under an imaginary circumstance”. This allows any age of actor to be who they are, with no pretending or pretense. Actors are instructed to follow their own instinct and to not imitate or ‘copy’ anyone else’s performance, while following direction and enjoying being a part of the production or scene. 

Call 610-891-0100 for information and reservation. All payments are non-refundable. 


Jesse Cline
Artistic Director

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