BEN KAPILOW’S NEW SONG AUCTION –Must place bid by Dec. 18

On Saturday, January 18, at 7pm, we will present the first BEN KAPILOW & FRIENDS fundraising concert. Kapilow is The Media Theatre’s Resident Music Director.

What makes this event so special is that it will feature all original music by Ben Kapilow, to be performed  by professionals and children.
We will also be holding an auction, the winner of which will receive a new song written by Ben Kapilow. The possibilities are endless! Perhaps a customized song  to be performed by a youth performer about a topic of his or her choosing. Perhaps a setting of one of your favorite poems. Perhaps a song to commemorate a loved one or an upcoming occasion. Whatever you want, Ben will write it and perform it at the concert! 
TO PLACE YOUR ‘BEN’S NEW SONG’ BID, SIMPLY FILL OUT THE INFORMATION BELOW. (Current top bid is $222, so be sure your bid is higher than that amount)