Prepare a song (32 bars) that shows your range in the style of the show. Also prepare to move (Movement callback same day).

Registration begins at 9am in theatre lobby. AEA seen first at this Open Call. No phone calls. Please email Roger at rer764@gmail.com with questions.

Show Director: Jesse Cline; Music Director: Ben Kapilow

TONY MANERO  (Lead/ Tenor to A) Plays 19, extremely handsome Brooklyn Italian. King of his circle. Projects machismo with a vulnerability beneath. Extremely charismatic. Believable Brooklyn accent, strong dancer with a killer pop/rock voice.

FLO MANERO  (Lead/ Mezzo) Plays 40 – 60. Tony’s Brooklyn Italian mother. Opinionated, devout Catholic. Movement a plus.

MONTY (Lead/ Bari-tenor to G with strong falsetto) Plays 40 – 60, versatile actor/singer/dancer to play two roles. Monty – handsome womanizing, high-energy, DJ with a genuinely likable nod to 60’s free-spirited sexuality.

FRANK MANERO SR. – Tony’s Brooklyn Italian, iron-fisted father who leads with inflated pride in the face of unemployment.

STEPHANIE MANGANO (Principal/ Mezzo with belt to D) Plays 20, extremely beautiful Brooklyn Italian. Projects overconfidence and pretension but is really a simple girl trying to be more than what she came from. Must be genuinely likable. Believable Brooklyn accent. Killer voice and very strong dancer.

FRANK JR.  (Principal/ Tenor to Ab) Plays 25 – 30, Tony’s brother. Brooklyn Italian, genuine, paternal, spiritual energy. Believable Brooklyn accent, strong mover with a strong pop/rock voice.

BOBBY C (Principal/ Tenor to Ab) Plays 18 – 20, awkward Brooklyn Italian. One of “the Faces” (Tony’s gang). Insecure and needy. A troubled soul who tries too hard. Believable Brooklyn accent, strong mover with a show-stopping pop voice.

ANNETTE  (Principal/ Mezzo with belt to Eb) Plays 18 – 20, attractive, Innocent, insecure, needy. She tries to mask her vulnerability with toughness. Believable Brooklyn accent. Strong dancer with show-stopping voice.

MALE ENSEMBLE – All ethnicities, 20s-40s. Male dancers who sing very well, to play various ensemble characters. Seeking excellent, athletic dancers who sing.
FEMALE ENSEMBLE – All ethnicities, 20s-40s. Female dancers who sing very well, to play various ensemble characters. Seeking excellent, athletic dancers who sing

Staff Positions

No postings at this time. Check back for updates!

Broadway Series:

If you are not already on file, have updated information, or have interest in a specific production, please send a headshot and resume to:

Jesse Cline, Artistic Director
Attn: Casting
Media Theatre for the Performing Arts
104 East State Street
Media, PA 19063

Or by emailing us at Audition@Mediatheatre.org with your headshot and resume!

We’d love to hear from you!

If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to post below!


  1. Hello, I was wondering if there was an opportunity to play for the orchestra pit. I play trombone and I’ve played for many years. I’ve played with the Upper Darby Mainstage productions for the past 3 years or so. If there would be any opportunity for me to play with the theater (even as a substitute), I would love to. If there’s someone that I could speak with about this, that would be great. Thank you for your time!

  2. Hello – I wanted to ask Media Theatre if they would be willing to assist our fire company out again this year with a ticket donation? Prospect Park Fire Company is a non-profit (45-0580930) 100% Volunteer department. On Saturday May 5th we will be holding our annual awards banquet. This event serves as a thank you to our members and their families and recognizes their services over the year. At this event we raffle items off as a way to fundraise. I think a nice dinner in Media along with theatre ticket is a wonderful prize! Thank you so much for you generosity in the past and for your consideration.

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