The Media Theatre is still accepting submissions:  2018-19 SEASON AUDITIONS for the upcoming “Sweeney Todd” (October 2018), “The Wizard of OZ” (Nov/ Dec. 2018), “Julius Caesar” (Feb. 2019), “Beehive” (March 2019) and “Saturday Night Fever” (April/ May/ June 2019). All shows begin rehearsal 2.5 weeks prior to their first public preview performance. All shows rehearse during daytime hours Monday through Saturday.

All roles open for each production. 

The Media Theatre is seeking submissions for the role of Tobias in its upcoming production of “Sweeney Todd”. Actor/ Singers should appear to be mid-to-late teens. Vocal range required: Bb2 to Ab4. Please send resume and headshot for an audition appointment. The show rehearses beginning mid-September; daytime hours. The show plays October 3 to October 28. Please send information to rer764@gmail.com. No phone calls please. 

This is not a youth call for “Wizard of OZ” Munchkins. There will be a separate Youth Call for that production at a later date TBA.

Please email a current headshot and resume with video submissions.

Jesse Cline, Artistic Director; Ben Kapilow, Resident Music Director

No phone calls. Email Roger at rer764@gmail.com for info.


Sweeney Todd: Male, 40-55 (Range: F2-Gb4)

A wrongfully imprisoned barber seeking to right the wrongs committed against him. He is Johanna’s father, singularly focussed on taking bloody revenge.

Mrs. Lovett: Female, 35-50 (Range: G3-E5)

An entrepreneurial and amoral meat pie shop owner. She falls in love with Todd and turns his desire for revenge into a profitable business venture.

Anthony Hope: Male, 20-30 (Range: Bb2-F4)

A naive and youthful sailor returning to London. He helps Todd return to London and unexpectedly falls in love with Johanna.

Johanna: Female, 18-25 (Range: Bb3-A5)

A spritely girl, full of innocence, constantly yearning for freedom. Todd’s long-lost daughter and Turpin’s ward.

Beggar Woman: Female, 35-50 (Range: Ab3-F5)

A deranged and schizophrenic woman who harbors a dark, surprising secret.

Adolfo Pirelli: Male, 30-45 (Range: B2-C5)

A flamboyant Italian rival barber; a charlatan with a secret past.

Tobias Ragg: Male, 18-25 (Range:Bb2-Ab4)

A poor youngster apprenticed to Pirelli. He finds a surrogate family in Todd and Lovett.

Judge Turpin: Male, 50-65 (Range: E2-Gb4)

A lecherous public official who portrays himself as a sanctimonious authoritarian. He takes advantage of his position in the city and is responsible for imprisoning Todd.

The Beadle: Male, 40-55 (Range: D3-D5)

A pompous public official. He is deeply loyal to the corrupt Turpin.

Jonas Fogg/Ensemble: Male, 35-60

The owner of Fogg’s Asylum. He sells the hair of madmen to wigmakers.


Townspeople; Policemen; Lunatics


THE WIZARD OF OZ Characters:
Dorothy Gale
Age 18-25, (Mezzo/Mix) Log-G to E
Looking for a spirited, energetic actress for this role. Needs to have a strong singing voice and some dance ability, but most important, needs to embody the personality of the character. Some dancing, will depend on skill of actor. Singing and acting are most important.

The Scarecrow
Age 18-40, Strong Baritone up to F# (opt Ab)
sympathetic with softness and deep kindness. Needs to be very flexible and must have dance experience.

Age 18-40, Strong Baritone/Tenor to G
likeable but  edgy. Light choreography.

Cowardly Lion 
18-40, Strong Baritone to F
This is the most sarcastic of the Oz “friends,”needs to have excellent comedic timing. Light choreography.

Glinda, The Good Witch
25+, Mezzo/Soprano (G to middle C)
the kindhearted spirit of the good witch but might find other levels to play with. Non-Dancing Role.

Aunt Em (Might be combined with Glinda)
50+, Non-Singing Role
strong, prairie-woman who is used to farm life. She loves her niece, but also doesn’t take any grief. Non-Dancing Role

Miss Gultch/Wicked Witch
25+, strong, scary but not necessarily ‘ugly’. She is the antagonist of the play and needs to be played as such. Non-Dancing Role.

Professor Marvel/Wizard of Oz
40+, Non-Singing Role
kind old man. Non-Dancing Role.

Uncle Henry (Might be combined with Oz Guard)
50+, Non-Singing Role
softer than Aunt Em but still used to the rough prairie life. Non-Dancing Role.

18+, Various Singing and Non-Singing, Speaking and Non-Speaking Roles

JULIUS CAESAR Male. Late 50s+. Any ethnicity. A man who has lost perspective because of absolute power. Ambitious. Would rather march into the arms of death than be considered a coward. Capable of huge ego, grandeur and arrogance.
Male. Late 30s-40s. Any ethnicity. A soldier and a statesman. The smartest person in the room. Measured. He chooses what he feels is best for the well-being of Rome over his loyalty to Caesar. Eventually, he sacrifices himself rather than be captured by the enemy.
Male. Late 30s-40s. Any ethnicity. Well-spoken and ever loyal to Caesar, Antony always has a calculated political agenda. A politician. Uses speech as his main weapon against his enemies. Something of a playboy, fond of partying, but when he needs to, he can become focused and powerful.
Male or female. Late 30s-early 40s. Any ethnicity. A passionate radical. The leader of the anti-Caesar conspirators. Able to convince Brutus to act against Caesar. Like Brutus, a celebrated soldier.
Male. Early 20s to play teens. Any ethnicity. Brutus’ loyal servant. Must be able to sing, and accompany himself proficiently on a stringed instrument.
NOTE: the characters above are unlikely to double. All other actors will be likely to double or more.
30s-50s. Male. Any ethnicity. One of the inner circle of the conspirators. Blunt and outspoken in manner. Rude and sour to a sometimes humorous effect.
Male. Early 20s. Any ethnicity. Arrives in Rome to avenge Caesar’s death. A soldier who has no sympathy for his enemies, but his youthful enthusiasm sometimes carries him away.
Female. Late 20s-early 30s. Any ethnicity. Brutus’ wife. She is true and honorable. As the daughter of a famous general and wife to Brutus, she is capable of their toughness and courage, although it may come as a surprise to some.
Female. 30s. Any ethnicity. Married to Caesar and perhaps a bit of a trophy wife. Usually a calm and rational woman, she is rattled by the strange events and prophecies taking place in Rome and does everything she can to keep her husband from leaving home on the ides of March. Dignified, but starting to lose control of her fears.
30-50s – Any ethnicity  

BEEHIVE: The 60’s Musical Characters:

Wanda -20-40 Female-. She carries the bulk of the dialogue and narration throughout the revue. She is a strong, powerful and engaging leader and must have the ability to interact comfortably with the audience. Sings “Sweet Talkin’ Guy,” “Then He Kissed Me,” and others.

Pattie – 20-40  Female  Portrays Dusty Springfield and others. Sings “It’s My Party,” “You Don’t Own Me,” “Son of a Preacher Man,” and others.

Allison – 20-40 Female-. Sings “My Boyfriend’s Back,” “Where the Boys Are,” and others.

– 20-40  Female- . Portrays Janis Joplin, Lulu, and others. Sings “I’ll Never Change Him,” “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow,” “Me and Bobby McGee,” and others.

Gina –
20-40 Female-African American. Portrays Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin. Sings “Proud Mary,” “Natural Woman” and others.

Jasmine -20-40  Female- African American. Portrays Diana Ross of the Supremes, as well as the lead singer of the Chiffons, Judy Craig. Sings “Where Did Our Love Go?” “Academy Awards,” and others.


TONY MANERO  (Lead/ Tenor to A) Plays 19, extremely handsome Brooklyn Italian. King of his circle. Projects machismo with a vulnerability beneath. Extremely charismatic. Believable Brooklyn accent, strong dancer with a killer pop/rock voice.

FLO MANERO  (Lead/ Mezzo) Plays 40 – 60. Tony’s Brooklyn Italian mother. Opinionated, devout Catholic. Movement a plus.

MONTY (Lead/ Bari-tenor to G with strong falsetto) Plays 40 – 60, versatile actor/singer/dancer to play two roles. Monty – handsome womanizing, high-energy, DJ with a genuinely likable nod to 60’s free-spirited sexuality.

FRANK MANERO SR. – Tony’s Brooklyn Italian, iron-fisted father who leads with inflated pride in the face of unemployment.

STEPHANIE MANGANO (Principal/ Mezzo with belt to D) Plays 20, extremely beautiful Brooklyn Italian. Projects overconfidence and pretension but is really a simple girl trying to be more than what she came from. Must be genuinely likable. Believable Brooklyn accent. Killer voice and very strong dancer.

FRANK JR.  (Principal/ Tenor to Ab) Plays 25 – 30, Tony’s brother. Brooklyn Italian, genuine, paternal, spiritual energy. Believable Brooklyn accent, strong mover with a strong pop/rock voice.

BOBBY C (Principal/ Tenor to Ab) Plays 18 – 20, awkward Brooklyn Italian. One of “the Faces” (Tony’s gang). Insecure and needy. A troubled soul who tries too hard. Believable Brooklyn accent, strong mover with a show-stopping pop voice.

ANNETTE  (Principal/ Mezzo with belt to Eb) Plays 18 – 20, attractive, Innocent, insecure, needy. She tries to mask her vulnerability with toughness. Believable Brooklyn accent. Strong dancer with show-stopping voice.

MALE ENSEMBLE – All ethnicities, 20s-40s. Male dancers who sing very well, to play various ensemble characters. Seeking excellent, athletic dancers who sing.
FEMALE ENSEMBLE – All ethnicities, 20s-40s. Female dancers who sing very well, to play various ensemble characters. Seeking excellent, athletic dancers who sing

Staff Positions

No postings at this time. Check back for updates!

Broadway Series:

If you are not already on file, have updated information, or have interest in a specific production, please send a headshot and resume to:

Jesse Cline, Artistic Director
Attn: Casting
Media Theatre for the Performing Arts
104 East State Street
Media, PA 19063

Or by emailing us at Audition@Mediatheatre.org with your headshot and resume!

We’d love to hear from you!

If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to post below!


  • Kathleen Dougherty

    Hello, I was wondering if there was an opportunity to play for the orchestra pit. I play trombone and I’ve played for many years. I’ve played with the Upper Darby Mainstage productions for the past 3 years or so. If there would be any opportunity for me to play with the theater (even as a substitute), I would love to. If there’s someone that I could speak with about this, that would be great. Thank you for your time!

  • Hello – I wanted to ask Media Theatre if they would be willing to assist our fire company out again this year with a ticket donation? Prospect Park Fire Company is a non-profit (45-0580930) 100% Volunteer department. On Saturday May 5th we will be holding our annual awards banquet. This event serves as a thank you to our members and their families and recognizes their services over the year. At this event we raffle items off as a way to fundraise. I think a nice dinner in Media along with theatre ticket is a wonderful prize! Thank you so much for you generosity in the past and for your consideration.

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