Auditions and Job Positions

Please email Roger at for an appointment time. 

No phone calls/ no walk ups.

All youth cast in the productions MUST be a part of The Media Theatre’s education program either in the New School, Acting Classes, Voice Lessons, or the like and must be enrolled at time of show’s rehearsal and production. This is to further the youth actor/ performer’s educational experience.

“Carousel” rehearses Labor Day through Sept. 19, and plays Sept. 20-Oct. 22

“Beauty and the Beast” rehearses first week of November through Nov. 16, opening Nov. 17



CAROUSEL  by Rodgers and Hammerstein; 1st Rehearsal 9/4 opens 9/20 close 10/22;    

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST music Alan Menken and lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice, book by Lynn Woolverton,. 1st Rehearsal 10/30 opens 11/14 closes 1/14/18;

NEXT TO NORMAL book and Lyrics by Brian Yorkey;music by Tom Kitt. 1st Rehearsal 1/15/18 opens 1/31 closes 2/25/18;

IF/THEN,music  by Tom Kitt ,book and lyrics  by Brian Yorkey, 1st Rehearsal 2/26 opens 3/14 closes 4/1/18;

NEWSIES music by Alan Menken, lyrics by Jack Feldman,book by Harvey fierstein. 1st Rehearsal 04/02 opens 4/18 closes 6/10/18


BILLY BIGELOW –  late 20s to mid 30s. Carousel barker with plenty of sex appeal and charm. A rough diamond, popular with women, good at heart but with a violent streak that can surface in moments of frustration. Must be a strong baritone.
Vocal Range: Baritone B to G 

JULIE JORDAN – mid to late 20s. Pretty, young mill girl. Shy but determined, knowing her mind to the point of being headstrong.
Vocal Range: Soprano Db to Gb 

CARRIE PIPPERIDGE – to late 20s. Julie’s friend and co-worker at the mill.. Great sense of fun with a comic quality that is attractive.
Vocal Range: Soprano D to G 

ENOCH SNOW – of mid to late 30s. Enthusiastically pompous love interest for Carrie. with comic overtones that amuse but also endear.
Vocal Range: Tenor B to A 

NETTIE FOWLER – late 30s/40s. Julie’s worldly-wise older cousin. She’s the sort that is always there in times of need. A good sense of fun and an appreciation of the follies of human life.
Vocal Range: Mezzo C to G 

JIGGER CRAIGIN – late 20s to mid 30s. Mean and manipulative sailor friend of Billy. He has an edgy, seductive and opportunistic criminal mind that inevitably leads to trouble
Vocal Range: Baritone C – D 

STARKEEPER – non singing role; late 50s to mid 60s. actor with the capacity to communicate a sense of authority and wisdom

LOUISE – female dancer. 15-year old teenage girl. Principally a dancer but with lines, Louise is Julie and Billy’s troubled, young daughter.

MRS. MULLIN – non-singing female role. 40s. Mrs Mullin is a widow who runs the Carousel attracted to Billy tough, hard-nosed, world-weary and manipulative. 

ENSEMBLE MEMBERS All Ages and vocal  ranges


Belle: Female, 20-29: plays 18, classically beautiful face, her eyes shine with intelligence, seems entirely unaware of her looks, strong-willed, adventurous, and noble, a true heroine, sensitive and smart, should move very well, vocal range: lyrical pop theatre voice to an E with a very strong and clear belt.

Beast: Male, 25-39: this role requires an exceptional actor (classical training helpful), who is also a major singer, a tortured soul trapped in the body of the Beast, angry, volatile, and hopeless, when he meets Belle, she awakens his warm, loving human side and is able to overcome his bestial nature to break the spell, should be handsome and well-built, vocal range: baritone to an F.

Maurice: Male, 45-59:  Belle’s father, eccentric inventor, comic, warm, sincere, and immensely loveable, devoted to his daughter, short and stout is good, not obese, vocal range: character voice to a D.

Gaston: Male, 20-39: very handsome muscular build, sexy with a larger-than-life chiseled face, actor must be a strong comedic farceur capable of playing a larger-than-life style, rude, self-centered bully, egomanical, narcissistic, should move very well, vocal range: big Broadway baritone with a solid F.

Le Fou: Male, 20-39:  Gaston’s adoring hanger-on buddy, a true fall guy, buffoon, must be able to handle physical comedy and move well, seeking an accomplished stage comedian/stage clown, must be able to sing and be able to do a character voice, vocal range: to a G.

Mrs. Potts: Female, 40-59: plump sweet-faced English teapot, kind-hearted maternal cook, sings the title song, vocal range: lyrical alto down to a low F sharp with a convincing English accent.

Lumiere: Male, 30-45:  a candelabra, very charming, very suave, very French, maitre D’ who fancies himself as a ladies’ man, passionate, prone to dramatic displays of emotion, the Beast’s coach in the love department, must have a credible French accent, must move well, vocal range: baritone to a G.

Cogsworth: Male, 30-49:  manic, officious English major domo, someone wound him up way too tight and he has never wound down, slightly snooty Brit, with a heart of gold, English accent required, vocal range: character voice–baritone, not much singing.

Babette: Female, 20-35:  beautiful feather duster, continually teases Lumiere, must dance, not too bright, voluptuous, tall with a show-girl body, French accent required, vocal range: Broadway belt with a legit soprano.

Wardrobe: Female, 40-55:  warm, friendly, comedic, vain old girl, very theatrical, had pretensions to an operatic career, should have an ample build, but not obese, loud laugh, the life of the party, vocal range: legit operatic mezzo to G or B flat.

Chip: Male, 8-10:  pre-adolescent boy, to play an adorable, inquisitive, eight-year-old teacup, must sing.

Adult Ensemble: Males & Females, 18+:  strong dancer/singers or singer/dancers with strong ballet and jazz technique


Next to Normal:

Diana: Late 30s to early 40s – bipolar – delusional – manic – depressive. Still, attractive, appealing, quick witted. Vocal range G below middle C to high G – strong mix to a D

Natalie: Must read 16 – Diana’s daughter, bright and attractive, she craves her mothers affection and attention and gets none. Vocal range G below middle C to high G – strong mix to E flat.

Dan: Early to mid 40s – Diana’s husband – good looking patient and kind, but exhausted by family circumstances. Vocal range B below written middle C to high A full voice and to high D flat falsetto

Gabe: Diana’s son, must read 18. Charming, fun, energetic, carefree…BTW he’s a ghost, or actually part of Diana’s delusion. Vocal range C (written middle C) to high A full voice and high D (above staff) falsetto.

Henry: Must read 17. Natalie'[s boyfriend, romantic, a musician, solid, but lazy. A “stoner”. Vocal range low A below written middle C to high G full voice and high A falsetto.

Dr. Madden/Dr. Fine: Played by the same actor. Age range 35-50. Dr. Fine is a psychopharmacologist, practical, maybe a bit cold. Dr. Madden Diana’s psychiatrist, described in the script as a “rock star” in that way that doctors can be perceived as saviors, confident and unflappable. Vocal ranges low A below written middle C to high A flat full voice.


Female, late 30s. Newly single and newly returned to New York City, where she was a grad student years ago, eager to start her life over and determined to get it right this time. In recovery from a long, bad marriage, she’s capable but not always confident, ambitious but often anxious. Smart, straightforward, deliberate, hungry for joy but afraid it may never come. Low G-flat with a belt to a high E-flat. Along with big belt, must have ability to float and mix higher notes.

Female, 30s – 40s. A native New Yorker, incurable romantic, and tough-as-sparkly-nails kindergarten teacher, she manages to be a fancy lady, a fierce friend, an unapologetic feminist, and a pal to all. Tends to see the best in everyone and to strike up conversations with strangers. Big belt to an E with a nice mix.

Male, late 30s – early 40s. Raised in the midwest, trained in medicine, tempered by two tours as an Army doctor. Confident in his work, but less so in his love life, he feels a little out of step in New York City. Steady, pragmatic, plainspoken, but with a calm, gentle humor. Tenor. Belt to an A/B-flat.

Male, late 30s. An activist, blogger, urban farmer, homesteader, barista, and citizen of the world. Intelligent and ideological, well-read and well-spoken, dedicated to fighting injustice and dismissive of normative values, be they political or personal. Sexually flexible. Baritone. Belt to an A-flat.

Male, late 30s – early 40s. A charismatic, confident mover and shaker in city government. Passionate about the issues but wise to political reality, he’s smart and somewhat glib, idealistic but also slick. An operator. Attractive, and he knows how to use it. High baritone/low tenor. Belt to an A-flat or A.

Female, 30s – 40s. Kate’s girlfriend, and then wife, and in many ways her perfect counterpart. Logical, frank, calm, unflappable, with a more grounded energy, and a more practical nature, but a heart just as big as her lover’s. Quite at home in her body and in touch with her sexuality. Belt to a D with a nice mix.

Male, 30s. Lucas’ boyfriend. Charming but not glib, handsome but not unattainable, smart but without the need to show it. A successful surgeon who’s ready to meet the right man, settle down, and start a family, he’s got fairly traditional values—but doesn’t require them in a mate. Belt to A-flat/A.

Female, mid-late 20s. Ambitious, enthusiastic, fresh-faced but familiar with the ups and downs of life. Fresh from receiving her MA in urban studies, becomes Elizabeth’s protégé. Big belt to an E with a nice mix.


Male, 17 – 22 years old, Caucasian. Handsome, passionate and charismatic leader of the Newsies. A street-smart kid with a dark artistic soul right beneath the bluster. Not a blowhard. This kid’s the real thing. Must have a great pop tenor voice.

Male, 16 – 21 years old, Caucasian. A thinker. Raised in a home as opposed to the other Newsies, Davie is the book-smart counterpoint to the other boys. The voice of reason. A nice Jewish boy. Must have a great contemporary tenor voice.

Male, 10 -12 years old, Caucasian. The fearless kid brother of Davey. Excited by everything the world has to offer and eager to join in the adventure. Fun is this kid’s middle name. Must sing really well.

Male, 40s, Caucasian. The boisterous forefather of Wm. F. Buckley Jr, Glen Beck and Rupert Murdoch. An on point, know it all, politician. Impolite and impatient with the world. Must sing well.

Female, 17 – 22 years old, Caucasian. The strong willed daughter of Pulitzer. This young lady drips smarts, opinions and confidence. A young Katherine Hepburn or Ellen Page. This damsel needs no prince to save her. Must have a great pop/contemporary musical theater voice with a high belt.

Male, 17-22 years old, any ethnicity. A slight, sickly boy with a huge heart. He walks with the aid of a crutch due to a bad leg, but that doesn’t hold him back from being right in the middle of any mischief. A real charmer.

Female, 40s – 60s, any ethnicity. A vaudeville star of the Bowery variety. Risque, tough, with a big voice and GREAT comic delivery.

Males, to play 16-22, all ethnicities. Strong, technically trained dancers with a knack for physicality.  Should also tap and sing very well. Possible principal understudy assignments.

Females, to play 16-22, all ethnicities. Should move well, but most importantly tap and sing very well.


The Media Theatre is seeking a Patron Services Assistant. Paid position; weekly salary. Days and times will vary—Must be available nights and weekends. Duties include general box office, phone solicitation, customer service, etc. Knowledge of Tessitura box office system helpful but not necessary as training will take place. Contact Roger at if interested. Please have resume available. No phone calls please.

Email with questions.

No Phone Calls Please.


Broadway Series:

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