There are two words that instantly change a couple’s trajectory of life: “I’m pregnant”. Some want to hear it and some don’t, while others keep hoping to hear it.
That’s what David Shire and Richard Maltby’s musical, “Baby”, is all about. Three couples of different ages and at various stages in their lives either anticipate, or are surprised by, those two majestic words. It’s at The Media Theatre March 11 through March 29, in a brisk three-week run.
Baby”, having premiered in 1983, will forever remain relevant and timely due to its eternal theme. It’s an intimate musical about apprehension, anxiety, anticipation, and ultimately the awesomeness of having a baby. But even the word ‘awesomeness’ may be double-sided for there are always ups and downs when preparing for, and eventually caring for, a child. In fact, each couple must come to terms with awesome change, preparation, and a loss of control.
In “Baby” we have three couples who are all connected to, attend, or teach at the same university. The younger couple are juniors, getting ready to expand their lives after one more year as students; the middle couple are sweat-pant wearing exercise and gym enthusiasts; and the older couple, happily preparing to have an empty nest, receive mind-boggling news.
The musical is both lighthearted and moving, with comedy surfacing on occasion among the drama within each couple’s personal story. Ultimately, though, “Baby” is a reflection of its audience as there is plenty to identify with as the scenes and songs represent that universal feeling of ‘Wow, we are going to have a baby!”
Jesse Cline directs the musical at The Media Theatre, with assistance from Christian Ryan. Ben Kapilow music directs and will conduct the live orchestra during the show’s run.
The three couples are Katie Emery and Gregory Power; Ashley Sweetman and Evan Ross Brody; and Pam Jorgensen and John Smitherman. Sweetman and Smitherman have been seen on Media’s stage previously, while all others are making their Media Theatre debut.
The Ensemble, representing life beyond the couple’s intimate surroundings, consists of Sara Braslow, Patrick Ludt, Kimberly Maxson, Wyatt McManus, Leah Senseney, Grant Struble, Ryane Nicole Studivant, and Tiara Whaley.
Songs include “Fatherhood Blues”, “Patterns”, “Two People in Love”, and “At Night She Comes Home To Me”.
All expectant mothers may receive a discounted ticket at $30. Others in their party may purchase regularly priced tickets.
Baby” tickets are available at or by calling 610-891-0100. It’s on March 11-29 at The Media Theatre, 104 East State Street in Media (directly across from The Media Elementary School).
Parking is free at night (metered during the day) and the theatre is in walking distance to several popular restaurants on State Street.