Photo above taken prior to Covid-19

The Media Theatre’s New School is a conservatory-style educational approach to music theatre. It is instructed by Jesse Cline, the theatre’s Artistic Director. Cline, who led the theatre to garnering 92 Broadway World Awards for “Best of Philadelphia Theatre”, instructs the acting classes within The New School.Resident Music Director Ben Kapilow works with each student individually within a group setting on a song chosen by the instructors and the student.  The 2020-2021 New School season will include a third hour each week which will focus on Dance. Christian Ryan, Chorographer teaches dance. Click on this link for more complete info: https://mediatheatre.org/theatre-school-and-classes/newschool2020/

The Acting and Vocal portions are rehearsed each week, with each week’s progress being critiqued and analyzed by the other students as well as the instructors. Choreography will be rehearsed each week. The final week of the Fall session will include a recital as well as the final week of the Spring Session. Payment includes both the Fall and Spring New School. Payments are monthly, following an initial deposit.

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