FIVE LITTLE PUMPKINS! New Children’s Musical Sundays at Noon (Thru Oct. 28)

It’s not too early to think about Halloween fun- Come see the new children’s musical “Five Little Pumpkins”!

This new hour long musical for children ages 4 and up is all about the Five Little Pumpkins sitting on a gate…but how did they get there? Why are they there? Did Winona Witch put them there? GET TICKETS

Private Investigator Detective Marshall Law The Third helps in finding the answer! But, Winona Witch gets involved and things get a bit crazy at that point. 

The show also features The Neighborhood Children, all ready for trick-or-treat. And, at the end of each show, all children from the audience dressed in their Halloween costumes are called up on stage for a Costume Contest!

Written by Roger Ricker, with Music and Lyrics by Ben Kapilow

Sundays at Noon Sept. 30 to Oct. 28 ,

with one Saturday morning show at 11am Oct. 27

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