Frank Sinatra – It Was A Very Good Year


Frank Sinatra

This show is a must-see for any Sinatra fan a multi extravaganza for the eyes and ears! Tony has incorporated stunning video graphics that entice you the moment the stage lights dim and the music begins. The show starts with Sinatra’s early days with Tommy Dorsey to the bright lights of New York City to his comeback at Madison Square Garden, the “Main Event.”

Tony is uncanny portraying Frank’s mannerism and singing voice, will take the audience on a musical journey. It’s as if Frank walked off of the screen and onto the stage to perform for the audience. Don’t miss this one of a kind musical tribute to Frank Sinatra starring Tony Sands.

The multimedia experience, “It Was a Very Good Year,”  covers Sinatra’s life from his early days in Hoboken, N.J., to his triumphant emergence from retirement. Sands’ show would launch with Sinatra’s early years, backed by big bands and Tommy Dorsey, and stretch all the way to the Madison Square Garden comeback, while detailing the various stops in between. “People love the show,” says Sands. “They really don’t expect what they’re going to be seeing. It really is like a musical. If you don’t feel the song, it won’t get across to the audience. And every song Frank Sinatra sang, he projected that feeling.” It’s not a spoiler to note that Sands closes his show with Sinatra’s trademark send off, “Put Your Dreams Away,” as made famous in his ABC television program. 
Sunday, May 14, 2017 @ 7:00PM
tickets $30

NOTE: This production is not produced by Media Music Theatre Company; it is a special rental coming in. Therefore, Media Theatre Gift Certificates and Vouchers are not applicable.